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[Last updated Feb 26, 2010]

Say NO to Islamic conquest and the Ground Zero Mosque

- Pat Condell at a new height of eloquence!
Don't let Muhammad's followers deceive you with their lies; make no mistake about their true motives in establishing their planned mosque on the 10th anniversary of one of their many monstrous and vile acts of pure evil which, as usual, they carried out "in the name of Allah" as directed in their Qur'an.

They may smile to our faces and say soothing things about peace but, in the words of Abu Ad-Darda (a "companion" of Muhammad) all the while they are cursing us in our hearts and dreaming of our destruction.

Their real motives in the citing and building of this mosque are quite obviously to glorify in the murder and destruction their have "rained down upon the Kuffar" (that's all of us) and to triumphantly celebrate what they believe to be another step in their ongoing conquest of America (and indeed the whole world).

Mosques have always been, and will always be, military bases and a symbol of military conquest.

Political show-trial of Geert Wilders.... freedom now in the balance


European Democracy at a new low -
Pat Condell at a new height of eloquence!

This talk is a MUST SEE !
"What I find striking about the arrangements for this 'trial' is that the Dutch state has declined to provide Mr Wilders with the same degree of security they lavished on Theo van Gogh's killer. You'd almost get the impression it would suit them if he failed to survive till the verdict."
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For centuries the Arabic word “Kuffar” meaning "infidels" or "unbelivers" (from the point of view of followers of Muhammad) was a term of ridicule, anger and abuse directed by Muhammadan Muslims against all those whom they had not yet forced, fooled or beaten into submission to Islam.

Preposterously, followers of Muhammad insist that every aspect of Islam is “universally true” (which is clearly not the case). They claim that we Kuffar are people who “cover up that truth” whereas in reality it is they who wish to suppress and hide the generally awful truth about their own ideological cult!

The singular of "Kuffar" is "Kafir" but let's all stick together and gain strength and confidence in numbers: We are the Kuffar, and 'All for One and One for All'.

Now we are PROUD to be the Kuffar (al-Kuffar)... we represent the vast majority of mankind who have, and always will, resist the ideological brainwashing & deceit of the cult of Muhammad.

Link to Ummat al Kuffar - All for One and One for All "Ummat al-Kuffar" means the worldwide community of al-Kuffar.

Use of the term "Ummat" is most important as it shows we are united and stand together:
United in the face of adversity. Supporting each other without hesitation or fear when it comes to our fundamental freedoms and genuine human rights (as opposed to the bogus ones claimed as an excuse to take away ours).

UalK - putting out the flames of Islam! Agnostics, Atheists, Bahá'ís, Buddhists, Christians (of all denominations), Confucianists, Deists, Hindus, Humanists, Jains, Jews, Mormons, Pagans, Pantheists, Rastafarians, Sikhs, Taoists... and indeed all of humanity in all of its wonderful diversity and brilliance

We're not interested in the "Politically Correct"; we're passionate about What's right!
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IQ al Rassooli, an ex Iraqi explains a little about Ummat al Kuffar - the Nation of non-Muslims
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