[Last updated Feb 26, 2010]
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We are thrilled that so many individuals and organizations have already shown their commitment to supporting our
Global Nation of the majority of people in the world. We are all proud to be the Kuffar!

If you are not already doing so then please see our members page which explains how to join-in.

 By being listed on our Honours Board many more like-minded Kuffar will find your blog, website or channel

We do plan to update this page quite often, and most sincerely apologise to anyone supporting us who is not yet listed here (it's sometimes hard for us to keep up to date with so much else going on). If you are displaying the Ummat al Kuffar graphic and would like to be added to our Honours Board please do send us a brief email stating your URL via our YouTube channel, AhmadsQuran3 and we'll happily consider it.

The following Blogs & Websites (listed in alphabetical order) are now prominently displaying one of our live graphics on their home page...

4freedoms.ning.com/4 Freedoms Worldwide - Fighting Racism with Civil Rights & Secular Law alexander-munch.blogspot.comalexander-munch.blogspot.com - Amnon & Jhonatan http://atlanticlibertyforum.com/ the 'Atlantic Liberty Forum' auntygravity.blogspot.comauntygravity.blogspot barenakedislam.wordpress.com Bare Naked Islam.wordpress.com beernsandwiches.blogspot.com/beernsandwiches.blogspot - Beer 'n' Sandwiches crusadersarmory.blogspot.com/ (blog)Crusader's Armory (.com) http://www.crusadersarmory.co.cc/ (website)Crusader's Armory (.co.cc) Infidel Task Force .webs.com The Infidel Task Force islamexposed.blogspot.com/Islam Exposed liberal-dawgsqweez.blogspot.com liberal-dawgsqweez.blogspot.com llphfreedom.blogspot.com Real Americans Defend Israel - llph freedom .blogspot.com missioneuropakmartell.wordpress.com/Mission Europa - Netzwerk Karl Martell (on wordpress) http://moesmurdermult.wordpress.com/ 'MoesMurderMult' - Islam - Piracy Disguised as Religion Nabil Chi Town 1. blogspot.comNabil Chi Town 1 - blogspot salibiyyah.blogspot.com salibiyyah.blogspot.com snooper.wordpress.com/Snooper (on wordpress) - Freedom Ain't Free & Take Our Country Back (Victory Is Not Defeat) stevex09.wordpress.com steve x09 .wordpress.com tambemistoevaidade.blogspot.com tambemistoevaidade.blogspot.com http://thebarbariansatthegate.blogspot.com The Barbarians at the gate http://theforceofreason.com/ The Force of Reason - In Defense of Western Civilization the-gathering-storm.blogspot.com/The Gathering Storm - BlogTalkRadio http://totheulama.wordpress.com/ To The Ulama - Go burn With Muhammad (Islam's extortion letter to Christianity) USA partisan.wordpress.com USA Partisan - companion site to WesternFront America.com http://westernfrontamerica.com/ Western Front America http://ww4watch.wordpress.com/ World War Four Watch (WW-IV) www. gwapo Joe .com Gwapo Joe.Com   - Know The Truth http://www.indiaeveryday.com India Everyday - listing movies on AhmadsQuran3 www.libertiesalliance.org/LibertiesAlliance - International Civil Liberties Alliance Western Civi is here to stay - blogspotWestern civilization is here to stay!

Here are some profiles and channels on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere that we've noticed
already supporting and promoting the Ummat al Kuffar...

Abrogating Islam - on Digg Alexander Munch on Twitter Analekta on Facebook Ban Islam! on Facebook Asylum609 - on YouTube cpspsble on YouTube Gearoid60d - on YouTube Gorgina010 on YouTube HairyEtta on YouTube imarattv on YouTube International Qur'an Petition - on Facebook joyfulinnh on YouTube kees8172 - on YouTube Liberty1222 - on YouTube kaimana00 on YouTube MrBlackMambo - on YouTube Mr Reporter 911 on YouTube Putting It Mildly - on YouTube sabilillah - on YouTube Secret Garden 1963 - on YouTube stokkkid - on YouTube The Truth Seeker 2 - on YouTube Th Lucky One - on YouTube TL dh Ashley on YouTube
Here are a few examples of some of the other pages we've noticed where people have been kind enough to link to us. We do appreciate all relevant links but very much prefer you to display one of our live graphics so as to able to see any of the important news alerts that we plan to communicate from time to time by temporarily updating these graphics. Please see our members page for more details.


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