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Instructions for YouTube users
Using your Channel or Profile to promote & support U-al-K

[for Blog or Website owners please click HERE for instructions]

If you use YouTube then whether you upload movies or not you should use your channel or profile to promote and support your Ummat!
It's most important to help more people find us and show the Islamic World how big and serious a commitment we all have to participating in our Ummat al Kuffar.

Here's how you can do it...
  1. Choose & download a U-al-K graphic that you like, for example [right-click] and [save-as] one of the following...
  2. Now logon to your YouTube account (if you have not already).
  3. On the drop-down next to your user name (top right of Youtube screen) select "Account".
  4. On next screen, on left, under YouTube logo click "My Account" drop-down and select "My Channel"
  5. On next screen choose "Channel Design" (left hand side, second option down).
  6. Next screen, under YouTube logo there is a new menu bar, choose middle option "Themes and Colors"
  7. Select "new theme" (click the link under all the various theme-color options).
  8. Be sure to tick (check) the "Repeat Background" box then browse and upload your Ummat al Kuffar graphic.
  9. Set "" or "" as the website under your profile (unless you already have your own URL, in which case type 'I support' at the top of your channel description).
[Visit our Honours Board to see examples of YouTube channels being used to support us].

Thanks! now you are supporting your Ummat al Kuffar

Wait a few days then check to see if you have been added to our Honours Board
[if not then please send a personal message to AhmadsQuran3 to let us know, however please note we may not be able to reply or respond immediately].

Please quickly check our website frequently for news alerts and updates which we will post from time to time.

  From time to time we will search for sites that have linked to us and
add a selection of them to our "honours board" on which we post reciprocal links (these will help many like-minded Kuffar to find your channel or profile). We welcome active participation from all our fellow Kuffar!

Please now return to the members page to
For your convenience, and because we're serious about making this work, we've registered a choice of URLs for this site. Just choose the one you find easiest to type.
Please remember this is the start of a huge ORGANISATION or gigantic NETWORK!

Take your pick! We would like you - along with everyone in the whole world - to find this site easily and

spread these words of hope: UMMAT al-KUFFAR!
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