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[Last updated Dec 17, 2009]
Ummat al Kuffar All for One and One for All

...the global community of everyone who isn't a Muhammadan Muslim!

How to join Ummat al Kuffar
-- Proud to be the worlds LEAST exclusive club! --
Every day we now receive hundred of emails (if not more) from people all over the world asking us how they can join. Here's what we tell them...
The bad news is Ummat al Kuffar is very difficult to join, but the good news is you are probably already a member!

Unless you happen to be a Muhammadan Muslim then you are, by their definition, a 'Kafir' and so one of the worlds vast number of 'al Kuffar'. That is why Ummat al Kuffar is the least exclusive club in the world.... it has over 5.3 billion members!

If you are unfortunate enough to be a Mohammadan Muslim then don't worry; we have GREAT NEWS for you.... you can now make a positive difference after all.... by simply Renouncing Islam (becoming an Apostate) you can join us! Congratulations - welcome to mankind!

As I'm already a member then what should I do?

An excellent question!
First.... (1) link to & support this website!

If you have (or manage) a Blog or Website then please click HERE.
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If you use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or any similar system then please customise your profile - prominently decorate it with our graphics and make sure you comment about and link to Link to one of our URLs (such as or or perhaps
Please click HERE to see the detailed instructions for YouTube users (customising the other systems is quite similar).
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Thanks! now you've linked to us & displayed our graphics you're already supporting the Ummat al Kuffar!

  From time to time we will search for sites that have linked to us and
add them to our "honours board" on which we post reciprocal links (these will help many like-minded Kuffar to find your blog or website).
We welcome active participation from all our fellow Kuffar!

(2) There's no shame being a 'Kafir'. Add "Kafir and Proud of it" to all your correspondence, emails, online posts, bloggs etc.
[see or]

(3) Don't ever appease Islam; whenever its adherents demand 'respect' just say "NO! You must EARN it by respecting our laws and our rights!"

As that becomes understood and normal everywhere: (4) network with all the Kuffar in the world - there are a great deal more of us than you might realise!

Stand up! Speak up - for all Kuffar everywhere, for we are already threatened with violence, discrimination and often death by Islam and its appalling Sharia laws in many parts of the world today - unless we take a stand now this will eventually be true for all parts of the world.

Christians everywhere - please don't worry about differences of denomination. When it comes to supporting your fellow Kuffar we are all Kuffar.

If you are in America or somewhere in Europe please still remember the plight of African and Middle Eastern Christians of every sort in every African and Middle Eastern country - they are truly suffering at the hands of their Islamic oppressors - and need your help.

Don't forget the non-Muslims of India and especially Pakistan - they too need protection from rampant Islam.

Compared to the number of Muslims (over 1,400 million or more) there are surprisingly few Jews in the world, probably under 14 million in total. Yet Islam inflicts many of its worst outrages upon these Jews, and especially on the Jewish State of Israel (even though many Muslims live, and indeed flourish, there). Islam distorts and inverts all news and factual information to create propaganda designed to delegitimise and dismiss everything achieved by Jews everywhere. It has highjacked the media of all countries to spew forth its irrational hatreds and perverted envy.

No matter what your gender, race, religion (if any); Christians, Hindus, Jews, people of all Faiths and non-religious people everywhere; we are all Kuffar and together we must defeat the scourge of Islam.

Don't let them turn the world back to the barbarity of the Middle Ages. Our Western civilisation and hundreds of years of human progress are too precious to lose.

We are all their intended victims in the end. We must therefore stand together...
"All for one & One for All"

For your convenience, and because we're serious about making this work, we've registered a choice of URLs for this site. Just choose the one you find easiest to type.
Please remember this is the start of a huge ORGANISATION or gigantic NETWORK!

Take your pick! We would like you - along with everyone in the whole world - to find this site easily and

spread these words of hope: UMMAT al-KUFFAR!
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